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Vintage-Knits is an organization with a message. Here, we believe in women empowerment while keeping alive the intricate art of knitting by hand. Our community of knitters comprise of more than 500 women hand knitters from all walks of society in Calcutta, India, who knit Sweaters, Afgans, Stoles and do Crochet, Tunisian hook & embroidery. An overwhelming majority of our knitters belong to the lower socio economic strata of society and Vintage-knits provides them with a platform from where they not only derive their livelihood but also get an opportunity to display their talent.

For over two decades, Vintage-knits has been providing quality knitwear to our customers all around the globe. Garments can also be made to order.

Go right ahead and write to us at for any queries. We would be super happy to help you out. Cheers !!